Your farm holiday in Castelrotto: Discover our farm

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A farm holiday in Castelrotto is simply something very special! Hardly any other region in South Tyrol is so magical and charming. Majestic mountains and quiet valleys, lush meadows and babbling brooks: nature and landscape here really show their most beautiful sides. The farm “Paten” is located at an altitude of 1100 meters and is kissed by the sun throughout the year. It covers a total area of 16 hectares, including two alpine pastures that partly are still traditionally worked by hand and without the use of modern machinery. Although this costs a lot of energy and time, it is worth the effort because our cows love this unique and wholesome hay! This of course also reflects on the quality of the milk, which is truly worth a try!

Farm holidays in Castelrotto: a look into the past

Farm holidays in Castelrotto: a look into the past

Back in the year 1230, the name “Paten” was first mentioned in a document. Over the following centuries, the farm “Paten” was managed by different owners; today, the exact ancestral sequence can be very precisely traced back to the 19th century. Our grandfather Albert took over the farm from his parents in 1978. Two years earlier he had married Maria Anna, from the marriage came four children. Today Ingemar & Evelyn, together with their four young daughters, Lena, Sophia, and Marie and Hannah manage the farm.