Tantalize your taste buds with homemade products

Dear guests,
Start your day with healthy food from our farm.

A delicious breakfast and enjoy typical South Tyrolean specialties for lunch or dinner

Enjoy a delicious breakfast an in the evening tipical South Tyrol specialties.
Breakfast (from 7:30 until 9:30 in our breakfast room)

Upon request we prepare a delicious breakfast with fresh, homemade and regional products from our farm and South Tyrol.

Fresh, warm milk from our own cows, hot coffee or tea with our fresh herbs?
homemade rasperberry or elder juice?
Homemade plum jam or raspberry jam?
Delicious spelt- wheat- rye- fully grain bread?
Homemade yeast-pastry or marble cake?
Butter or fresh eggs from our hens?
Tasty bacon or cheese?
Fruit or vegetables from our garden?


Certainly you can also take home our self-made marmalades or own eggs.

With pleasure you can take something good and healthy from our garden: fresh herbs for a good soup at lunch or mixed vegetables for a salad plate in the evening.

Dinner (from 18:00 until 19:00 in our breakfast room)

Our Grandma Maria Anna shows with pleasure traditional meals from the South Tyrolean kitchen.

Help to ccok and get valuable tips for preparing typical bacon dumplings, traditional “Kastelruther Krapfen”, “Strauben“ (funnel cake) and other delicious meals.

With pleasure we prepare a dinner for you.